absence is present / LA PRÉSENCE DE L'ABSENCE

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absence is present

This exhibition is initiated by curators Véronique Boilard, Virginie Jourdain, byol-nathalie kimura lemoine

in partnership with the Archives Gaies du Québec (AGQ) and presented at the gallery Never Apart.

2019, commemorates 50 years of Pierre-Eliott Trudeau's Omnibus Bill (14 May 1969) which decriminalizes sodomy between two men and therefore the symbol of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada. However, if this date is the symbol of the official emancipation of the LGBTQI+, it does not show the years of struggles, parties and loves in the community, in resistance against institutional violence (historical, cultural, legal). , police and medical.)


This partnership between artists, archivists, activists aims at initiating an experimental dialogue on the crucial question of the restitution and constitution of our memories by taking into account the affects and the narratives nons hegemonic in the way to consider the presence of the absence, holes, silences and omissions that make up LGBTQI+ stories.

This project supports the work of artists as well as professional and / or activist archivists, community organizations that take care of the fight against the oblivion and invisibility of our lives. To recognize the critical role of activists and individuals who perpetuate the memory of their loved ones (alive or gone) seeking to preserve and document queer lives, loves, cultures, struggles and perspectives, by experimenting and delivering in question the factory of memory and history that are authoritative. Here we conjoin empathic subjectivities that they are lustful, traumatic, melancholy, where love and anger mingle.

 The question of absence of memoirs besets us because we know the political consequences. There is an urgent need to respond to the necessary emotional, cultural and historical "transmission" of our communities. We believe that artists can make an important contribution through their collective and individual research process in the treatment of "subject knowledge" in art and in the fabric of hegemonic historical narratives.


The production of critical, experimental and artistic material will take into account the practice of human science research, performance, visual creation or transdisciplinary collaboration with archivists and activists who will be welcome to interact with the exhibition.


June 24 to July 5, 2019

A collective research workshop and

production of new works


Never Apart Montreal

July 11 to September 28, 2019

A group exhibition accompanied by a colloquium, artists' presentations

and workshops

The artists based in Montreal will be invited to produce a new work based on the concept of queer archives



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